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Birthright citizenship countries

Have you ever wondered how many countries have birthright citizenship?

Here we are putting together the most updated and complete list of countries with birthright citizenship.

You will learn which countries offer citizenship by birth so you can decided where to have your baby.

About 1 in 4 countries offer birthright citizenship. This is called Jus Soli (Law of the Land) and is complementary (or opposed, if you will) to Jus Sanguinis (Law of the Blood), which determines citizenship based on the parents’ citizenship(s).


The list of countries that currently offer birth citizenship is sometimes changing, so the best is to check for the most up-to-date information. Most countries offering birthright citizenship are in the Americas.


There are few countries offering birthright citizenship in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Oceania. Some countries offer citizenship under certain conditions (for example, if one parent is a resident).


There are countries that have previously offered citizenship based on Jus Soli, but have changed their nationality laws. The most recent ones seem to be India and Malta. There are also countries which change their rules to allow Jus Soli; the most recent example being Latvia.


Here’s a tentative list of countries:

  1. Antigua and Barbuda

  2. Argentina

  3. Barbados

  4. Belize

  5. Bolivia

  6. Brazil

  7. Canada

  8. Chad

  9. Chile

  10. Costa Rica

  11. Cuba

  12. Dominica

  13. Ecuador

  14. El Salvador

  15. Fiji

  16. Grenada

  17. Guatemala

  18. Guyana

  19. Honduras

  20. Jamaica

  21. Latvia

  22. Lesotho

  23. Mexico

  24. Nicaragua

  25. Pakistan

  26. Panama

  27. Paraguay

  28. Peru

  29. Saint Kitts and Nevis

  30. Saint Lucia

  31. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  32. Tanzania

  33. Trinidad and Tobago

  34. United States

  35. Uruguay

  36. Venezuela

But before you hop on a plane to go give birth in one of these countries, please make sure to check the place you’re interested in actually offers birthright citizenship, under which conditions (if any), and what is the exact process. And maybe most importantly, decide if offering your baby dual citizenship is something you want or not.