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Birthright citizenship is a valuable asset that you can obtain for your unborn child.

We’re Tudor and Emma and we’re currently going through the process of offering our baby a second citizenship.

Citizenship by birth is possible in +30 countries around the world that operate under the Jus Soli rule. This means that anyone born in the territory of a state has the right to its citizenship. Most countries in the New World offer this option (from Canada and US to Argentina and Brazil), as well as a select few countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe.


We think anyone can and should offer their kids the best start in life with dual nationality. Having multiple passports is a lifelong benefit that can be passed on to generations to come.

We know how intimidating or overwhelming the whole process can feel for expecting parents. That's why we started to document and put together what we’ve discovered through our journey. We are eager to share our learnings with you and other future parents. We’re structuring and posting resources on this site, and you can also follow us on social media.

You are not alone! Please don’t be shy and reach out to us. Happy to answer your questions.